After watching the first trailer for the Hulu sports documentary Changing the Game directed by Emmy-winning filmmaker Michael Barnett, you’ll go through a journey of emotions starting with inspiration then frustration, then sadness, then back to inspiration and finally joy and hope.

Debuting on the streamer to kick off Pride month on June 1, Changing the Game is a very timely movie. Actually, this has probably been happening way before any weight has put on the issue of the inclusion of trans athletes in sports. The docu follows the the lives of three high school athletes-all at different stages of their athletic seasons, personal lives, and unique paths as transgender teens.

Their stories span across the U.S. – from Sarah, a skier and teen policymaker in New Hampshire, to Andraya, a track star in Connecticut openly competing on the girls track team. The film centers on Mack Beggs, who made headlines when he became the Texas State Champion in girls wrestling – as a boy. The pic will hopefully help mobilize and bring more attention to the unjust treatment of trans athletes in high school sports.

Changing the Game is produced by Clare Tucker and Alex Schmider. Chris Mosier serves as executive producer. The docu debuts with new, updated footage and a new original song called “Chasing Dreams” by Gozé featuring Old Man Saxon and singer-songwriter & transgender activist Shea Diamond. The song was written and produced by Sebastian Fritze, Old Man Saxon and Tyler Strickland.

Watch the trailer above and check out more pics of the doc below.