“I think the amount of attention I get… is kind of ridiculous. No one prepares you for that.” That pretty much sums up the way media has been treating tennis icon and queen Naomi Osaka.

The quote is heard in the new Netflix docuseries (out July 16) from Oscar-nominated filmmaker Garrett Bradley (Time) appropriately titled Naomi OsakaAnd if you’re like us you’re probably saying to yourself, “I didn’t even know there was a docuseries in the works and I am so here for it!”

From her skyrocketing as one of the world’s best athletes to the controversy of her withdrawing from the French Open,  Osaka has indeed been getting a lot of attention. But when it boils down to it, she is human — and sometimes we forget that when it comes to figures in the public eye.

“The series is about Naomi’s journey, within a snapshot of her life, but it’s also about life’s purpose, about personal worth, about the courage that it takes to allow one’s personal values to inform their work and vice versa,” said Bradley. “More than anything, I’d hope people can feel the power of empathy and to feel encouraged to take chances in life, perhaps especially in moments where the stakes can feel impossibly high.”

Osaka adds: “I feel like the platform that I have right now is something that I used to take for granted, and for me I feel like I should be using it for something. I believe, instead of following, you have to make your own path.”

This three-part series takes us inside the life Osaka. With unprecedented access, we follow Osaka during a historic two years in which she works on her game but also begins to find her voice. Whether she’s defending her grand slam titles —while wearing masks in defense of Black lives — mourning the unexpected loss of mentor Kobe Bryant, or finding her independence, the challenges Naomi faces on a personal level begin to align with those in the public sphere. Empathetic in its approach, the series chronicles Osaka’s hectic training and travel schedule, explores the layers of pressure she is under and reveals how she spends her time off the court hanging with her closest family and friends. The episodes also travel the globe with Osaka to further explore her Haitian roots as well as examine her deep connection to Japan, the country she represents. Viewers will witness Naomi’s unapologetic honesty and vulnerability as she navigates her multifaceted identity as a young athlete and leader on the rise.

Executive producers are LeBron James, Maverick Carter, Devin Johnson, Jamal Henderson, Philip Byron, Matthew Goldberg, Brandon Carroll, Ryan Schiavo, and Garrett Bradley. Co-Executive producers are Sky Dickinson and Matthew Rissmiller. The docuseries is produced by Lauren Cioffi, Katy Murakami, and Sally Rosen

Watch the trailer above and check out the poster below.