Remember those days of being in your student union or just staring at a bulletin board of wonderful of opportunities and events in your community? Well, Diaspora is looking to create that with Diaspora Bulletin, a virtual community board where filmmakers, writers and creators can write their own article/announcement about events, screenings or their own indie project (film, TV pilot, web series, short film, etc) for the site with the chance of getting it published. We get tons of requests to post projects and events and this is a great way to amplify even more voices in underrepresented communities — not just in Los Angeles and New York, but all over the nation.

If you are interested in submitting to Diaspora Bulletin please follow the instructions below:

  1. Title of project, announcement, meeting or event (you can write your own headline for the article, but it is subject to editing).
  2. Maximum 500-word copy with pertinent details.
    • If it is a film/TV/web series announcement, please include logline, confirmed cast and crew. Direct quotes and links to crowdfunding will be accepted.
    • Please include key art, headshots, stills, trailers or other assets for your projects.
    • If it is a public meeting, screening or event, please include description, time, date, location details, cost (if applicable) and additional information needed.
    • Please include appropriate contact information, websites, and phone numbers if applicable.
  3. Email completed drafts to with “DIASPORA BULLETIN” in the subject line.
  4. Feel free to write what you want about your project. This is your time to give shine to your work. However, all submitted material is subject to editorial oversight for clarity.

To begin, Diaspora Bulletin will be posted every Monday and Wednesday. For events, we ask that you give us two weeks lead time for inclusion. Creators from historically marginalized communities are encouraged to submit their projects and events. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.