As we prepare to celebrate the holidays and near the end of 2021 we are excited to enter 2022 with grace, gratitude, and hella hot takes on the way the film and TV industry handle diversity and inclusion.

We launched in May and made some great strides. In 2022, we look forward to growing, providing even more content and bolstering representation of dope people who are doing dope things. Hopefully, the new year won’t be messy and bizarre like the Mariah Carey ornament.

We are stepping away for a beat so that we can celebrate the holidays and be with our families and friends — because we deserve a break. (#SelfCare) We’ll be back to drop it like it’s hot in January. Until then, take care of yourself and celebrate with your loved ones. Thanks for your support and the love. We’ll see you in 2022.

…and make sure you stay warm and vigilant.