For years and decades and the inception of the printed word, marginalized journalists have used their voice to build other brands while being hesitant to report on honestly about how they feel about certain aspects of film and TV. More than that, they never had the opportunity to report on underserved projects by underserved voices because more weight needed to be put on the dominant culture (that’s coded language for white). It’s not that white news wasn’t important or it wasn’t interesting — it was just the standard. It was normal. Well, Diaspora wants you to migrate to the new normal — a platform that brings a new, colorful angle to film and TV news.

Diaspora will include a mix of curated news as well as deep-dive articles into issues impacting the industry as well as feature interviews and commentary. The best part is that it isn’t a niche publication. It will be a destination for everyone — particularly those who can help create change and subvert the system.

Diaspora journalists, alongside site creator Dino-Ray Ramos, have spent so many years trying to get their foot in the door, getting a seat at the table — but staying quiet while sitting at said table. It’s about time they built their own door…and table.