As we inch closer to Pride month, DreamWorks Animation’s third season of Madagascar: A Little Wild is celebrating with an episode titled “Whatever Floats Your Float” that features a nonbinary character named “Odee Elliot” the Okapi. Aligning with authentic representation, the character is voiced by nonbinary actor Ezra Menas (Spielberg’s forthcoming West Side Story, Broadway’s Jagged Little Pill, pronouns: zie/hir/they). The new season debuts on May 27 on Hulu and Peacock.

The aforementioned Pride episode debuts the appropriate song “Let’s All Be Proud!” which emphasizes being true to yourself and having pride. Check out Odee sing with his pals below.

The third season of Madagascar: A Little Wild follows Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria as they continue their big adventures in New York City. Melman gets jealous when a new friend is getting more attention from Kate, Marty sets out to stage the best Animal Pride Parade the habitat has ever seen, and the foursome take a trip to Coney Island to ride the newest roller coaster. But even when their adventures cause a bit of chaos, these pals always always find the bright side of any situation.

Watch a promo of the new season below.