Black-ish star and overall queen Tracee Ellis Ross has partnered with podcast network Dear Media for a new podcast series, I Am America which will share important stories that celebrate true-life stories of heroism, inclusion, and community while dispelling misconceptions about the American identity. The pod is set to drop in early 2022.

As the title suggests, I Am America will showcase stories that prove America is not a monolith but a complex and beautiful promise. The series will highlight stories where the power of human connection transcends systemic beliefs, allowing listeners to reimagine and reframe the identity of America.

The podcast series will pull back the curtain on the often unexplored stories of everyday people that affect their communities with their kindness and humanity. These hidden angels inspire possibility through their actions; their stories are worthy reflections that demonstrate the best of this country.

The first season will consist of 10 episodes that will drop weekly and will spotlight an extraordinary person of color and how they’ve impacted their community. The episodes will include some familiar voices as well as new names, voices, and powerful narratives from the heroes behind the scenes who have never had a platform to share their stories before.

“Partnering with Dear Media was a no-brainer,” said Ross. “We share the belief that with heart and justice as anchors of the storytelling, we can break through the noise and heal. In a world inundated by division and trauma, I find strength and hope in the fortitude, kindness and generosity of fellow humans. I am America is an opportunity to explore the stories of unnamed American heroes; everyday people doing extraordinary things. I am inspired by these stories and honored to help bring them to the world.”

“We started with a mission to empower female voices too often ignored by traditional media,” added Dear Media CEO Michael Bosstick. “We have become a home to so many extraordinary women and with I Am America, we are continuing to push that even further.”

There are 75 shows in the works under the Dear Media podcast umbrella and the company hopes to have over 100 by the end of 2021. Their current slate includes Being Bumo with Chriselle Lim, The Skinny Confidential Him & Her with Michael and Lauryn Bosstick, Dear Gabby with Gabby Bernstein, Raising Good Humans with Dr. Aliza, With Whit with Whitney Port, Because Life with Sydel Curry-Lee, and Life with Marianna’ with Marianna Hewitt.

In addition to Ross, executives attached to the project include Adriana Ambriz, of Joy Mill Entertainment, E. Brian Dobbins of Artists First Inc., Jocelyn Falk of Dear Media, and Brett Bouttier and Jeff Berman of Magnet Companies.