If there is any news worth reading today, it’s the announcement of the rom-com Fire Island directed by Indie Spirit Award filmmaker Andrew Ahn (Spa Night).

The gals over at Variety reported this morning that Saturday Night Live icon Bowen Yang and stand-up comedian and tasty thirst trap Joel Kim Booster are set to star in the movie which is described as a modern day take on Jane Austen’s “Pride and Prejudice.” Fire Island will follow two BFFs embarking on a weeklong vacation to the gay mecca getaway Fire Island where they will sip on cheap rosé with their friends.

The movie is called Fire Island and it stars two queer men and directed by a queer man. This is gay Asian excellence at its best. We are totes on board.

Ahn will direct the script written by Booster. JAX Media (Russian Doll) is producing the project. Shooting is expected to kick off in August on Fire Island (I mean, why wouldn’t it?) John Hodges, Brooke Posch and Tony Hernandez will serve as producers for JAX, with Chan Phung and Richard Ruiz overseeing for Searchlight.

The project is set up at Searchlight, and will drop on Hulu and will globally stream on Disney+ under the Star brand.