The English-language remake of the French film The Valet starring Eugenio Derbez directed by Richard Wong. The pic romantic comedy will debut in the summer 2022 as a Hulu Original stateside and internationally on Disney+ as a Star Original.

The film marks a reunion between Derbez and screenwriters Rob Greenberg & Bob Fisher, who also wrote the remake of Overboard. The film also stars Samara Weaving, Max Greenfield, Betsy Brandt, Marisol Nichols, Noemi Gonzalez, Carmen Salinas, Ravi Patel, Tiana Okoye, Diany Rodriguez, Armando Hernández, Carlos Santos, Amaury Nolasco, John Pirucello, Alex Fernandez and in a previously unannounced supporting role, Reggaeton superstar Lunay.

The Valet follows Olivia (Weaving), a movie star who enlists Antonio (Derbez) – a parking valet – to pose as her lover to cover for a relationship with a married man (Greenfield). As a valet, the hard-working Antonio usually flies under the radar but his ruse with Olivia thrusts him into the spotlight and brings him to see himself more clearly than ever before.

“What struck me most about The Valet is how closely my family resembled Antonio’s family and telling their story was like telling mine,” said Wong. “It’s message of unity, seeing each other and human connection, is something the world could use right now and no one does that better than Hulu and Disney+.”

“The Valet is a multi-generational, multi-cultural comedy in which people from two different worlds discover the humanity in each other. At 3pas studios we tell stories that try to unite us all and we love partnering with Hulu+ and Disney+ to bring this to the largest global audience possible,” said Derbez and Ben Odell in a joint statement.

Derbez and his producing partner Odell produce through their 3Pas Studios banner.