In Peter NicksHomeroom, Oakland High School’s class of 2020 will be a graduating class that will make a mark in history. As we all know, 2020 sucked. That said, the Bay Area-based school confronted an unprecedented year. Anxiety over test scores and college applications gives way to uncertainty springing from a rapidly developing pandemic. Efforts to eliminate the school district’s police force unfold against the backdrop of growing nationwide demands for systemic change.

Homeroom is Nicks’ final chapter in a trilogy of films which includes The Waiting Room (2012) and The Force (2017) examining the relationship between health care, criminal justice, and education in Oakland, CA over the past decade. All three documentaries will be available to stream on Hulu on August 12. Homeroom will also debut in select theaters.

Nicks produces Homeroom alongside Sean Havey. Executive producer is Ryan Coogler. The docu is a Concordia Studio, Open’hood production, in association with XTR and Proximity Media. Additional executive producers include Laurene Powell Jobs, Davis Guggenheim, Nicole Stott, Jonathan Silberberg, Jen Rainin, Tony Hsieh, Bryn Mooser, and Kathryn Everett.

Watch the trailer above and check out the poster below.