It’s Bisexual Awarness Week and Brooklyn Nine-Nine and In the Heights star Stephanie Beatriz is here to set the record straight (hehe) on the rumors, myths and all the questions about being bisexual on Netflix’s LGBTQIA+ channel Most.

Watch the vid below.

So to recap here are myths that Beatriz addressed:

  • Bi people are 50% straight & 50% horse.
  • Every single bi person has a strong SAG placement.
  • Everyone’s bisexual!
  • Bisexuality reinforces the gender binary.
  • Bisexuals have 6 toes.
  • Bisexuals can read minds.
  • Bi people glow in the dark
  • Bisexuals don’t know how to sit in chairs.
  • Bisexualty is two words.
  • Bisexuality is a phase.

For more info about the bisexual community, watch the educational video below.