Whitney was right: the children ARE our future. Well, not necessarily “children” but the young talent that we are paving the path for.

This week, Endeavor welcomed welcomed its first class for the Impact Fellowship, which was created to give talented, impact-minded young people from underrepresented backgrounds a pathway for employment opportunities in the sports, entertainment and fashion industries.

The 17 Fellows have been hired for a two-year full-time program across WME, 160/90 and IMG are set to begin work in Los Angeles, Nashville and New York. In addition to the full time role and salary (get that coin!), Fellows will participate in leadership training and programming to hone their skills as changemakers, with the ultimate goal of cultivating, empowering and inspiring the next generation of executives passionate about using their positions in the industry to have a positive social impact in their communities and around the world.

Of the 17 Fellows, 13 of the Impact Fellows previously participated in one of Endeavor’s virtual education programs, including Summer Series and The Excellence Program. Next year, Endeavor plans to expand the Fellowship program to include interns and student athletes.

Read the full list of Fellows below.

Alberto Medina
Cayla Hatton
Cecilia-Karen W’Emedi
Courtney Lominac
Cruz Rendon
Megan Man
Michael Mikail
Pauline Ward
Tracey Belizaire

Daria Paschall
Taylor Tucker

Amanda Nyangoro
Dania Haughton
Hawa Jobateh
Kathryn Lewis
Melissa Dimopulo
Yvonne Tapia