Endeavor has launched their latest virtual education series titled NXT | LATINX, which is part of Endeavor Impact’s education and development programs created to expand industry access.

Through strategic partnerships with NALIPHACULA COLLAB and LTX CONNECT, NXT | LATINX will kick off on November 8 and be free to the public. It wil provide Latinx and Hispanic individuals and allies the opportunity to participate in educational courses about the music, entertainment, sports and fashion industries taught by speakers including Sunny Hostin (The View), Ana Navarro (CNN Political Commentator, The View), Snow Tha Product (Artist), María Isabel (Singer-Songwriter), Arturo Castro (Actor) and Tenoch Huerta (Actor).

In addition to an industry-based curriculum, the program will address a spectrum of social issues including LGBTQIA+ intersectionality, how to be civic-minded in your work and analysis of how we view and categorize international versus US-based Latinx content and talent.

The program will run for two weeks and include an introduction to entertainment, courses on marketing and branding, sports, music, culture, film & TV and the global entertainment landscape, with an aim to decode what success looks like and provide participants valuable tools and knowledge for their future employment pursuits.

Building on the recent success of Endeavor’s “Excellence Program,” “Summer Series” and “NXT” programs, which have welcomed more than 22,000 participants over the past 2 years, NXT | LATINX furthers Endeavor Impact’s goal of democratizing the industry and breaking down barriers by providing access at scale to under-indexed communities across these industries. To date, Endeavor has hired over 40 program participants into full-time and internship positions across the company.

Additionally, Endeavor has entered into larger partnerships with NALIP, HACU, LA COLLAB and LTX CONNECT to not only increase industry access, but to build long-term, culturally competent pathways into the industry that incentivize cross collaboration and mutual systems of support. Technology continues to create untapped opportunities and market innovations, especially for Latinx talent, as not only creators and consumers, but also as industry and business leaders. As partners, NALIP, HACU, LA COLLAB and LTX CONNECT will consult year-round on establishing successful pipelines for Latinx individuals across the entertainment industry and continue to build innovative paths forward centered on inclusion and equity.

To kick off the program, Endeavor today hosted a conversation led by Endeavor Impact’s Dakota Ortiz at the NALIP Latino Media Fest featuring Lili Gangas (Chief Technology Community Officer, Kapor Center & Co-Founder, LTX Connect), Alexis Garcia (EVP, Film Group, Endeavor Content) and Ben Lopez (Executive Director, NALIP). The Latinx leaders discussed the current opportunities for Latinx talent and executives, missed opportunities, the importance of collaboration and recognizing the role that companies and stakeholders across entertainment, music, sports and fashion play.

To register for NXT | LATINX and to read full details about the program visit EndeavorImpact.com.