Wattpad Webtoon Studios, is developing three new TV and film projects. Both Wattpad and Webtoon have proved to be huge incubators for content, with Netflix’s adaptation of Beth Reekles’ Wattpad story The Kissing Booth and HBO Max’s anime version of the Webtoon comic Tower of God gaining popularity. Now, Wattpad Webtoon studios will be bringing A. Rasen’s GremoryLand, V.S. Santoni’s I’m a Gay Wizard, and @xxinlove’s Unholy Matrimony to the screen.

Wattpad Webtoon Studios is teaming up with Roy Lee’s Vertigo Entertainment to adapt the popular horror comic Gremoryland into a film. Screenwriter, playwright, and novelist Gabriel Bergmoser will lead the project. Bermoser also penned a two-book deal with Harper Collins.

Gremoryland follows six friends who are reunited as the sole visitors of a new horror theme park that promises an experience as unique as it is terrifying. The theme park, named Gremoryland, features deadly horrors that tap into their past trauma. The friends attempt to face their fears in order to survive. 

I’m a Gay Wizard is a genre-bending story and originally published on Wattpad that will be made for TV by Price Peterson, who has written for Legacies on The CW and Heathers on Paramount Network. I’m a Gay Wizard has amassed over 678,000 reads on Wattpad and has been praised for its diverse characters and storyline.

The main characters are two LGBTQIA+ teens who jokingly seek vengeance against their bullies by performing a pretend spell that transports them to the mysterious Marduk Institute, a phantasmagoric utopia that harbors a dark secret.

Unholy Matrimony, which has received over 39.6 million reads, is a twist-filled soapy romance that centers on two heirs of vineyard dynasties who are forced into marriage in order to save their businesses. The romance finds the two characters putting aside their disdain for one another to take down scheming rivals and bury family secrets.

Launched in May 2020, the Wattpad Webtoon Studios’ Development Fund is the company’s first move to finance development for select TV and film projects. Deanna Cameron’s What Happened That Night was the first project taken on by the company. Wattpad and Webtoon’s parent company Naver has invested $100 million to the fund for additional production financing capabilities.