As the holidays approach, we begin to enjoy classic holiday movies that make fuel us with that yuletide magic. Some of them us feel warm and full of joy while others make us feel ratchet and make us laugh until you piss your pants a little. Hot Mess Holiday is the latter.

Debuting on December 11 on Comedy Central, the South Asian-fronted pic comes from the minds of Surina Jindal and Melanie Chandra  as well as Sameer Gardezi and Kal Penn. Directed by Jaffar Mahmood and written by Gardezi, the movie follows an overachieving young finance exec who is unceremoniously dumped by her cheating fiancé during the Diwali holidays. Her free-spirited bestie is determined to help her get lit AF.

DIASPORA had a nice, hella long conversation about the movie, its journey, why Dumb and Dumber is a holiday movie as well as the joy of being brown and Asian. Watch the conversation below.