SPOILER ALERT: This video interview includes spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home. Watch and read at your own risk.

For three Spider-Man movies (the Tom Holland-fronted ones in the Marvel Cinematic Universe), Jacob Batalon has played Peter/Spider-Man’s BFF Ned, a wise-cracking, smooth talker that immediately became a fan favorite. Now, with the latest installment of the Spidey franchise No Way Home, Batalon immediately dives into the action alongside some of the MCU’s greatest heroes and along the way, we get a real authentic look at his Filipino heritage — complete with his Tagalog-speaking Lola.

There are no details about Batalon’s inclusion in future installments of the Spider-Man franchise — but my gut (and what happens in No Way Home) is telling me that we have not seen the last of Ned. I mean, how can there be a Peter Parker without Ned?

While we wait for his next appearance in the MCU, Batalon is set to star in the SYFY vampire dramedy Reginald the Vampire based on the Fat Vampire book series by Johnny B. Truant.

DIASPORA had the chance to speak to Batalon about being part of the Spider-Man multiverse, what’s in store for Ned, and the very Filipino moment in the movie. Watch the interview below.