The cast of Warner Bros. upcoming adaptation of DC Comics’ Blue Beetle is starting to take shape as What We Do In Shadows fave Harvey Guillén, Brazilian actress Bruna Marquezine and Hocus Pocus 2‘s Belissa Escobedo have boarded the project starring Xolo Maridueña as the titular superhero.

Directed by Angel Manuel Soto with a screenplay by Gareth Dunnet-Alcocer, the Blue Beetle comic book was created by Keith Giffen, John Rogers, and Cully Hamner in 2006. Jaime Reyes (aka Blue Beetle) is a teen living in El Paso with his working class family. He is devoted to his family and has no connection to superheroes — until he finds a scarab that gives him extraterrestrial beetle-like armor that give him enhanced speed and strength.

Deadline and The Wrap staked claims on the exclusive on this — but the latter had the news about Marquezine and Escobedo first so I guess they win?

Apparently Guillén’s role is super-secret and we have no idea who he is playing. However, I would love it if he just played Guillermo from What We Do In The Shadows in this movie.

Marquezine is set to star as the love interest, Penny while Escobedo will portray Milagros Reyes, the younger sister of Jaime.

Blue Beetle was originally supposed to drop on HBO Max but shifted to a theatrical release on August 18, 2023.