Fresh off the premiere of his latest movie, the A24 slasher film X, rapper Kid Cudi (aka Scott Mescudi) announced a new project that will further solidify his acting career. 

In a message shared from his official Twitter account, Kid Cudi revealed that he will be making his directorial debut in the upcoming Netflix movie, Teddy. He’ll also star in the project.

Though the rapper has experience in front of the camera through his roles in HBO’s How to Make It in America and Netflix’s Don’t Look Up, this will be his first time behind the camera. 

The musician stated that he began working on the film in 2013 and it’s as if he “took the song ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ and wrote a movie about it.” 

“Pursuit of Happiness,” which was released in 2009, is one of Kid Cudi’s most popular and well-known tracks. In his Amazon Prime documentary A Man Named Scott, Mescudi stated that he considered the song to be one of the darkest on the album, as it’s about living recklessly on the edge of life, but it’s become so much more. 

Writer Noah Callahan-Bever touched on the significance of the song in the documentary, saying that Cudi “pulled back the layers to show you some universal truths that created a depth of connection that very, very few artists are able to create.”

The impact of the song is so vast that Mescudi said he will be performing the song for the rest of his life.

Based on his Twitter announcement, the upcoming project is about the titular character Teddy and his friends and family. He anticipates that Teddy will impact people in the same way his music has.

“I’m continuing my mission,” Cudi wrote. “Now this is a comedy, but it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t sprinkle some real shit in there. It’s trippy, it’s fun, it’s sad, it’s life.”

Jay Z andThe Harder They Fall‘s Jeymes Samuel are set to produce alongside James Lassiter, Mad Solar and Bron.