In the May 5 (that’s tonight!) episode of Big Sky on ABC, lots of things are happening as Jenny feels something is off with Travis while Cassie, Jerrie and Lindor find themselves at a crossroads. There’s also the ever-evolving storyline with TV’s most ruthless crime family the Bhullars. Ren (Janina Gavankar) and Jag (Vinny Chhibber) have growing suspicions that their father Veer (Bernard White) and his boo Alicia (Constance Zimmer) are up to no good.

The Bhullars are not just any crime family. It’s a South Asian crime family — something we don’t see often in TV or film. This family, which also includes Jag’s muscle Dhruv played by WWE superstar Yuvraj Dhesi, was assembled by Gavankar and shines a light on Asian representation from a new angle.

In what could have been potentially stereotypical roles turned into a very dynamic family of multi-dimensional characters from the Asian diaspora. Gavankar, Chhibber, White and Co-Executive Producer Sharon Lee Watson joined on us on DIASPORA TV (wt) to talk about tackling these challenging roles, the impact the Bhullar family has on Asian representation and how Bernard White is an icon.

Watch the interview below.