Peacock’s Queer as Folk revival is gonna hit very different than the original. First off, I love to see all the Brown, Black, Non-Binary, Trans, Gender Fluid and all types of LGBTQIA+ faces. Secondly, from the look of the the official trailer, it’s gonna be a much showcase of the resilience and strength of the queer community. Watch below.

This is gonna be good! At least, I hope it’s gonna be good — but how heavy and uplifting was that?

The official synopsis of the series, which debuts June 9 on Peacock reads: “Queer as Folk is a vibrant reimagining of the groundbreaking British series created by Russell T. Davies, exploring a diverse group of friends in New Orleans whose lives are transformed in the aftermath of a tragedy.”

There’s new art for Queer as Folk too! Check it out!

For those of you who missed the first time, here are the full cast and descriptions of their characters below.


  • Devin Way (he/him) will play Brodie (he/him), a charming and sometimes chaotic commitment-phobe who finds a reason to stay in New Orleans after tragedy rocks his community.

  • Fin Argus (they/them) will play Mingus (he/him/they/them), a cocky high schooler whose confidence belies their lack of real world experience.

  • Jesse James Keitel (she/her) will play Ruthie (she/her), a trans, semi-reformed party girl who is struggling to grow up.

  • CG (they/them) will play Shar (they/them), a non-binary professor navigating the rocky transition from punk to parenthood.

  • Johnny Sibilly (he/him) will play Noah (he/him), a successful lawyer who is not as put together as he seems.

  • Ryan O’Connell (he/him) will play Julian (he/him), a pop culture nerd with cerebral palsy who is more than ready for some independence.
    NOTE: O’Connell also serves as a writer and co-executive producer on the series


  • Kim Cattrall (she/her) will play Brenda (she/her), a martini-soaked, high society southern debutant with trailer park roots.

  • Juliette Lewis (she/her) will play Judy (she/her), a single mom who is more of a friend than a parent to her teenager.

  • Ed Begley Jr. (he/him) will play Winston (he/him), an emotionally distant father.

  • Armand Fields (they/them) will play Bussey (she/her in drag he/him out of drag), the reigning drag queen and matriarch of the local scene.

  • Chris Renfro (they/them) will play Daddius (he/they), a fun-loving hedonist who is always the life of the party.

  • Eric Graise (he/him) will play Marvin (he/him), a jaded barfly who DNGAF about your problems.

  • Sachin Bhatt (he/him) will play Ali (he/him), an empathetic sex worker.

  • Benito Skinner (he/him) will play Jack Cole Jordan (he/him), a self-aggrandizing influencer.

  • Nyle DiMarco (he/him) will play Leo (he/him), a charming grad student.

  • Lukas Gage (he/him) will play Eric (he/him), a personal trainer.

  • Megan Stalter (she/her) will play Meg (she/her), an aspiring singer.

  • Olli Haaskivi (he/him) will play George (he/him), a friend from the mall.

  • Calvin Seabrooks (he/him) will play Taylor (he/him), a reluctant dinner party guest.