It’s without a doubt that Will & Grace broke ground for the LGBTQIA+ community as a mainstream sitcom on a network TV station. It definitely opened the doors for the gay community… or maybe just the white gay community… or maybe the white gay cisgender male  community.

Yes, the Emmy-award winning sitcom deserves to be celebrated, but it really hasn’t aged well when it comes to to inclusion of the entire queer spectrum. Sure, it didn’t necessarily have to address all the colors of the rainbow, but it didn’t really acknowledge them either. Journalist, producer, writer and podcast host Jarrett Hill stopped by to talk about why he chose this as his problematic fave and how it moved the needle for the queer community but also had some issues.

Side note: This episode was recorded a while back so a lot of things happened. Since recording it was announced that Hill and his FANTI podcast co-host Tre’vell Anderson are currently working on the book Historically Black Phrasesm which examines and celebrates “the colloquialisms distinct to the Black community”.

Listen to the episode below.