We were all creeped out from the first Nope trailer but now we can immerse ourselves into Jordan Peele‘s forthcoming horror.

Jupiter’s Claim, set in the Santa Clarita Valley in the film, is described as “a family-fun theme park” predicated on the white-washed history and aesthetics of the California Gold Rush. Owned and operated with evangelical pride by former child star Ricky “Jupe” Park, Jupiter’s Claim is pivotal location in the film as the characters seek to investigate mysterious, unexplained phenomena, leading them toward increasing danger and terrifying consequences.

The set at the park will be the actual set from the movie. It was created by Production Designer Ruth DeJong and then carefully disassembled post-production and transported to Universal Studios Hollywood where it was meticulously reconstructed on site, complete with original props and details from the film.

Peele tweeted out the official website of the amusement park within the amusement park.


The set will be added permanently as a part of Universal Studios’ backlot tour in Hollywood. The Jupiter’s Claim set will debut July 22, when Nope hits theaters. This marks the first time that a Studio Tour attraction has opened day and date with a movie release.

Nope is written, directed and produced by Peele. The film stars Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, Steven Yeun,  and Brandon Perea. All we know about this movie is that it has horses and maybe aliens? And it’s also a movie about siblings.

Who knows? Peele loves to keep us guessing and we love to eat it up!