I said BRRRR! It’s cold in here! There must be a Problematic Fave in the atmosphere!

We kick off season 2 of Problematic Fave with a live episode that was recorded at SXSW in March. We were more than happy to welcome actor Jojo T. Gibbs who chose to talk about the iconic cheerleading cinematic and very problematic masterpiece known as Bring It On! You may recognize her from the series Twenties as well as the cannibalistic thriller Fresh. She also stars alongside Megan Stalter in the Hannah Pearl Utt-directed rom-com Cora Bora which made its premiere at SXSW.

From the queer representation to the “urban” appropriation of it all, Gibbs and Dino-Ray Ramos dissect the classic film that Roger Ebert considered the Citizen Kane of cheerleading movies!

Listen to the episode below!