There are a lot of problematic films and TV series in Hollywood, but what about the industry itself? In this week’s episode Dino-Ray Ramos chats Maureen Ryan, journalist, critic and author of the book “Burn It Down: Power, Complicity, and a Call for Change in Hollywood” which unpacks the toxicity of Hollywood. If you thought there were problematic people and systems in place in the film and TV industry, than this book will prove you right and then some.

Even though she unpacks a lot of the bad in Hollywood, she also gives hope with roads to making the industry less problematic — it may take a while, but we gotta start somewhere. Nonetheless, we really get into the bad and the worse of it all and talk about our own experiences when it comes to working in an industry that we love, but clearly has a lot of problems that we hope to fix.


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Maureen Ryan

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