Greta Gerwig's Barbie starring Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling and a small town of pretty actors has been unleashed into the wild and there is a lot to be discussed — and what better people to discuss this with than with Black Barbie: A Documentary director Lagueria Davis and producer Aaliyah Williams, a pair that has been living, breathing everything Barbie since this documentary about Black Barbie was born. Davis's aunt, Beulah Mae Mitchell worked on the Mattel assembly line and had a hand in changing the landscape when she asked her her boss Ruth Handler, the creator of Barbie “Why isn’t there a doll that looks like me?” The docu explores her story as well as the broader struggle for Black female representation in a world where worthy rarely means Black.

Davis and Williams, along with host Dino-Ray Ramos have LOTS of thoughts as they unpack this film that has been celebrated profusely, marketed aggressively, broken box office records, and caused some pockets of interesting conversation about the iconic doll.


Lagueria Davis

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Black Barbie: A Documentary

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