HBO Max’s forthcoming Green Lantern series is set to include Alan Scott, a superhero that identifies as gay in the source material and actor Jeremy Irvine is currently circling the role.

Irvine starred Roland Emmerich’s 2015 movie Stonewall which told the story of the titular rebellion in New York City in 1969 that launched the gay liberation movement. Words that have been used to review the movie are “bland” and “cataclysmic disaster”.  It was dragged for its erasure of trans people of color who were at the forefront of the movement and having a lack of respect for the non-white and “non-butch” characters.

It probably can be described best by Mark Segal who was at the actually at Stonewall in 1969. He wrote: “Stonewall is uninterested in any history that doesn’t revolve around its white, male, stereotypically attractive protagonist. It almost entirely leaves out the women who participated in the riots and helped create the Gay Liberation Front, which included youth, trans people, lesbian separatists and people from all other parts of the spectrum of our community.”

Perhaps this is an attempt at redemption from a movie that is abhorred.

Nonetheless, Finn Wittrock was recently cast as series lead Guy Gardner, so that’s fun.