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Julie Anne Earls and Alex Mandell play a couple navigating not-so-good waters with their relationship in the Robert Gregson-directed short film A Good Couple which is set to make its world premiere at the 24th Dances With Films Festival, screening at the famed Chinese Theatres in Los Angeles on Saturday, September 1.

Staying in a house in the woods on an anniversary getaway, Julia (Earls) and Dan (Mandell) have a blowout fight where Dan storms off and is gone all night. Suddenly alone, Julia finds herself questioning whether she’s really in love. Dan returns in the morning ready to make up, and Julia agrees to take him back. However now he seems eerily perfect, and Julia begins to notice strange things. Julia attempts to ignore these omens to continue to enjoy their newly rekindled happiness, but when they go for a walk in the woods Dan leads her into a cave where she encounters her boyfriend’s doppelganger. From then on, we don’t know who is who or what is real, and are forced to question everything.

A Good Couple is about the relationship between perfect and good, fantasy and reality, and what people are willing to do for love. Julia is frustrated with the reality of who she’s dating and wishes she could actually be in love, but her relationship to love is complicated by the perfection she’s imagining. Although her boyfriend changes and she gets what she wants, she pays a heavy price. Characters literally double and split as their desire for fantasy diverges further from reality.

Check out the video below for an eerie look at A Good Couple.

Follow the short on Instagram at @a_good_couple_short and check out the poster below.