WarnerMedia is set to launch of the WarnerMedia Access Early Career Bootcamp, a week-long intensive workshop introducing the cohort to Hollywood careers. The Early Career Bootcamp is the latest talent pipeline initiative enhancing a slate of existing fellowships, demonstrating its commitment to cultivating the next generation of content creators and executives, and expanding access to historically marginalized creatives, and this particular program focuses on Indigenous, disabled, transgender, MENASA, and other Muslim communities.

The bootcamp will take place from September 27 through October 1 with a cohort of 40 participants, 10 each from four partner organizations, RespectAbility, IllumiNative, Transgender Film Center, and Muslim Public Affairs Council.

Participants will receive a comprehensive snapshot of entertainment industry careers, from network development to post-production, through several roundtable discussions with up-and-coming talent and junior executives. Facilitators will lead conversations on how to break into the industry and offer tangible tools to jump-start their careers.

“We are increasing exposure, access, resources, and opportunity for people who too often face socio-economic barriers that prevent them from even considering a career in the entertainment industry,” said Karen Horne, Senior Vice President, Equity and Inclusion, WarnerMedia. “Our goal is to reach this untapped demographic and amplify their unique voices early in order to cultivate a steady flow of content creators that will eventually feed the professional pipeline, from writers to future executives.”

“WarnerMedia Access Early Career Bootcamp is a dream come true for the emerging talent in these four underrepresented communities,” said Sue Obeidi, Director, Muslim Public Affairs Council Hollywood Bureau. “The opportunity that has been given to future content creators and executives, who historically don’t have access due to circumstances beyond their control, is a game-changer and will soon prove instrumental in changing the fabric and makeup of the entertainment industry for the better. MPAC’s Hollywood Bureau and its cohort are honored to be part of the initiative.”

Through this workshop, students who are keenly interested in television and motion pictures can gain a deeper understanding of the entertainment business and learn about the various pathways to get a foot in the door. The immersive program expands WarnerMedia’s commitment to advance representation in the industry by supporting diverse creatives and authentic storytelling that resonates with its global audiences.

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