WarnerMedia Equity + Inclusion has launched the WarnerMedia Access Talent Spotlight, a new talent training program for aspiring actors looking for professional development and resources.

The program was created to provide undiscovered and underrepresented actors, particularly people with disabilities, Indigenous, MENA, and Trans communities, an opportunity to receive coaching and exposure to the entertainment industry. Selected participants will complete the program with training from notable acting coaches and will be given the opportunity to present to WarnerMedia talent and casting executives.

The week-long program will take place in -person in Los Angeles from April 3-9, 2022. The cohort, of up to 20 selected participants, will attend intensive workshops, training sessions, panels, and presentations. They will have professional headshots taken and be coached by trusted acting coaches to prepare scenes for their presentations.
Live “call back” sessions will take place with WarnerMedia executives in the audience, and final presentations will be taped and shared with top industry casting directors and producers. meet with WarnerMedia executives from different networks to get feedback and further mentoring.

“WarnerMedia Access Talent Spotlight is unique in that it focuses on people with disabilities, MENA, Trans, and Indigenous talent,” said Grace Moss, Vice President, Equity and Inclusion, Programs, WarnerMedia. “While all are welcome to apply, we are very proud to pay special attention to the highlighted communities given that they have historically not had as much of an opportunity to shine.”

“We are increasing exposure, access, resources, and opportunity for people who often do not get the chance to even get their foot in the door,” said Karen Horne, Senior Vice President, Equity and Inclusion, WarnerMedia. “Our goal is to discover untapped and unique talent from underrepresented communities who are seeking an opportunity to break into the entertainment industry.”

Submissions are currently open and close on January 28, 2022. The top choices will be selected and notified by end of February. For more information visit https://warnermediaaccess.submittable.com/submit.