ARRAY is continuing to educate and entertain. This time, it’s with the Netflix limited series Colin in Black and White co-created by Ava DuVernay and Colin Kaepernick.

The ARRAY 101 Colin in Black and White Learning Companion is now available for free at, an initiative provides educational materials based on the series.

The limited series follows Kaepernick’s formative years navigating race, class, and culture in his pursuit for greatness. The learning companion delves deeper into the series’ themes through three interactive lessons created alongside subject matter experts. Lesson one, “Black Lives and Black Beauty”, teaches media literacy by interrogating how beauty standards and coded language influence bias in society.

The second lesson, “Black Codes and Zip Codes”, invites students to understand the intersection of race, opportunity, and geography through a guided environmental data scan of their community. The final lesson, “Get Up. Stand Up. Take a Knee.”, confronts systems of power, wealth, and ownership within the NFL through a math and data analysis lesson.

“ARRAY 101 serves as an extension of our ARRAY Filmworks-produced titles by providing engaging and dynamic conversation starters for everyone from educators to families gathered around their television sets,” said Tammy Garnes, VP of Education and Understanding at ARRAY. “We encourage and welcome spirited dialogue around the social justice storylines featured in Colin in Black and White an effort to inspire people to speak up, and out, while driving social change.”

DuVernay, who co-created the series with Kaepernick, directed the first episode and all present-day Kaepernick scenes. Executive producers of the series are DuVernay, Kaepernick, Michael Starrburry and Paul Garnes.

This marks the fourth learning companion from ARRAY 101, having previously released guides for Selma, When They See Us, and Sankofa.