Indeed and Lena Waithe’s Hillman Grad Productions has selected its 10 filmmakers to participate in Raising Voices Season 2.

The Raising Voices program was created to invest in BIPOC filmmakers and storytellers around the singular theme of work, and the idea that jobs can change us all. This season, each filmmaker will present their films at the Tribeca Film Festival in June. 

The 10 selected filmmaker teams are Cara Lawson, Gbenga Komolafe, Georgia Fu, Jalmer Caceres, Justin Floyd, Leon Cheo, Shanrica Evans, Tara Motamedi, Travis Wood, and Urvashi Pathania. 

For the second season, Indeed invested $3 million to go toward the development of the short films, mentorship sessions with a variety of filmmakers including Waithe, and the launch of the Production and Development Lab, a 12-month residency program. 

Each filmmaker was awarded a $10,000 writing and direction fee for their short film, a $100,000 production budget, a dedicated line production crew, and an additional COVID budget to ensure safety precautions. Filmmakers are awarded $100,000 for their role as filmmakers in residence. 

“Rising Voices not only levels the playing field for BIPOC creators in Hollywood by creating opportunities for individuals to be seen, heard, and represented, but also empowers the next generation of storytellers, providing access to funding, on-site skill, career development, and mentorship,” said Waithe. “Our continued mission at Hillman Grad Productions is to ensure that program mentees are truly set up for success as they continue to grow within their individual careers.”