CAA has set the seventh annual Moebius for May 18-19. The two-day screening series featuring diverse graduate student filmmakers.

This year’s program features live-action and animated short films by 13 emerging directors from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts, the School of Film/Video at CalArts, Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, the American Film Institute (AFI) Conservatory, and, for the first time, the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.

The storytellers come from Mongolia, Mexico, South Korea, the UK, and Thailand as well as the U.S.. Each showcase stories that spotlight a variety of topics, from marginalized voices, mental health issues, the search for identity, and dream logic, to a comedy about an 8-year-old’s plot to see his first R-rated movie, and beyond.

Launched in 2015 by then-trainees and now CAA Motion Picture agents Christina Chou,
Zach Kaplan, and Pete Stein, plus Lingie Park, Moebius is produced through a collaboration of colleagues across CAA’s Motion Pictures department. The event draws attendees from major agencies, management companies, production companies, studios, networks, and streaming companies.

“Each of these gifted filmmakers brings a unique perspective to their craft. Their rich storytelling explores a range of topics and genres that celebrates a diversity of experiences,” said Chou, Kaplan, Park, and Stein in a joint statement.  “We are thrilled to continue Moebius’ mission of providing a platform to help open doors to a new generation of filmmakers that reflects a rich tapestry of voices.”

The 2022 programming line-up is as follows:

Wednesday, May 18

RATED R directed by Reid Antin (USC)
The story of an 8-year-old boy who plots a heist to see his first R-rated movie against his mother’s wishes, and ends up with a lot more than he bargained for.

LUX NOCTIS directed by Damiana Acuña (AFI)
In a post apocalyptical matriarchal community, grieving Lina faces her trial to bring light or perish to the darkness. Mara’s act of compassion pushes Lina to overcome herself and create an unprecedented amount of light.

RED VELVET directed by Danielle Gibson (Chapman University)
Aviva Ardor, a 26-year-old Afro-Latina woman, searches for personal connection after feeling she doesn’t quite fit in with her Black or Latinx communities. After searching for understanding, Aviva must accept herself as a blended whole.

INSOMNIA directed by Haerim Yang (CalArts)
A girl who can’t sleep at night enters a bizarre world.

CARRION directed by Yvonne Zhang (AFI)
An eerie, coming-of-age immigrant folktale about a girl’s last evening with her mother as she knows her.

MAGDALENA directed by Michael Lazovsky (AFI)
A Slovakian woman cannot shake the demons of her horrific past as they come back to haunt her and threaten to destroy the life she’s tirelessly trying to build.

Thursday, MAY 19

ORBITA directed by Udval Altangerel (CalArts)
Trailing the first Mongolian cosmonaut, the filmmaker orbits her home through her camera obscura. Her personal narrative weaves into Mongolia’s past as a satellite state. ORBITA is the filmmaker reclaiming her name and with it her country’s history.

SAMMY WITHOUT STRINGS directed by Ralph Parker III (UNCSA)
Sammy, a black puppet who desires freedom from performing for oppressive audiences.

HOPPER’S DAY directed by Jingqi Zhang (CalArts)
A cricket wants to achieve his dream in an abandoned quarry.

YOU’RE NOW BEYOND HOPE, ARIZONA directed by Nick Dugan (Chapman University)
When a viciously traumatized alcoholic is ordered to kill an AA sponsor whose gambling debts are worse than his own, he must learn the art of self-forgiveness or succumb to a perpetual cycle of moral decay.

OST. directed by Abhichoke ‘Note’ Chandrasen (USC)
A scoring assistant working on a horror feature film finds her debilitating perfectionism has manifested as the film’s malevolent spirit who will not let her live past the night unless she delivers a perfect score.

CHARLOTTE directed by Zach Dorn (CalArts)
A pop song transforms the lives of an enigmatic folk singer and her family.

CHORUS directed by Daniel J. Egbert (AFI)
After missing his wife’s phone call goodbye on the morning of September 11, a now listless and brokenhearted music teacher must harmonize with his increasingly desperate 14-year-old son.