Get ready to LEAP into 1985!

Ahead of its September 19 debut on NBC, the reimagining of Quantum Leap starring Raymond Lee is ready to bring us back to the times of Reaganomics, side ponytails and other questionable fashion choices that are worn ironically by the elite. Yes, September 15 is “Quantum Leap Day“!

During Quantum Leap Day, people will be able to travel back back to 1985, the backdrop for the pilot episode of the series premiere, with a drive-thru experience followed by the opportunity to get gas for .91 cents a gallon — the average price of gasoline in 1985, while supplies last. The same day, Quantum Leap is teaming up with Fandango offering moviegoers the chance to purchase a movie ticket online for the 1985-style price of $3.55 while supplies last.

Read below for more details:

Quantum Leap Drive-Thru, Check-In, and Gas Station Experience
Location: Avalon Parking Lot, 1749 N. Vine Street
Date: September 15 starting at 9 AM PT

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