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The Weekend is written by award-winning, Indonesian director – Soma Helmi (The Dead Girls Detective Agency) who has a passion for genre films, especially grounded sci-fi. Helmi has always been drawn to telling stories of otherness while staying true to her multicultural roots. The film is co-produced by and stars Yoshi Sudarso who was recently seen in The Paper Tigers and Project Power and is looking to raise funds which will be channelled directly to their production cost.

“We are filmmakers passionate about telling diverse API stories, said Sudarso. “We firmly believe that an Indonesian lead, romantic, sci-fi film is well overdue. The Weekend is a short proof of concept for a feature length, grounded, romantic work of science fiction. It showcases the talents of an all AAPI cast with Indonesian leads, this story explores themes that resonate in the current world – otherness, feeling of not belonging, loss, and love.”

The Weekend tells the story of Josh, a young man who is grieving his sister’s death, as he reluctantly joins a weekend getaway at his friend Michelle’s house. The weekend unravels awkwardly as Josh navigates his secret feelings for Michelle and her possessive boyfriend, Mike. To make matters worse, at night, a strange Indonesian woman visits him in his dreams, forcing Josh to question his own grip on reality. It all comes to a head when Josh finds Michelle floating face down in the pool and can’t resuscitate her. Overwhelmed with the loss of his unrequited love, Josh unleashes a massive pulse of energy that takes him on a new and unexpected path.

The funds raised will be divided and allocated to all the various, necessary, and oftentimes expensive duties and obligations that come with production, including but not limited to payment to the cast, payment to the crew, camera and lighting gear purchases and rentals, securing locations, securing transportation, ensuring quality catering and craft services are provided, locking in insurance, providing set safety, and procuring wardrobe.

To contribute visit The Weekend‘s Seed&Spark page. Check out The Weekend campaign video below.