UPDATED: We re-tooled DIASPORA Bulletin and decided to do a relaunch of this virtual community board — and now soapbox for you to spread the word on awesome projects and say what you mean and mean what you say about what is going on in the world of TV, film and media.

We get tons of requests to post projects and events and this is a great way to amplify more voices in underrepresented communities — not just in Los Angeles and New York, but all over the nation. In addition, we are opening the the bulletin to be a soapbox of sorts. If you are passionate and have something to say about a current event or evergreen issue in the TV and film industry or in media, we want to give you the platform to write all about it.

DIASPORA Bulletin is harkens back to the days of college where you would peruse the huge public, bulletin board in your student union. This virtual bulletin board will give underrepresented filmmakers, writers, creators, and advocates the opportunity to post everything from events to screenings to film/tv announcements to articles.

If you are interested in submitting to DIASPORA Bulletin please follow the instructions below:

  1. Each submission must include these pertinent details.
    • If it is a film/TV/web series announcement, please include logline, confirmed cast and crew. Direct quotes and links to crowdfunding will be accepted. Please include key art, headshots, stills, trailers or other assets for your projects.
    • If it is a public meeting, screening or event, please include description, time, date, location details, cost (if applicable) and additional information needed. Please include appropriate contact information if applicable.
    • If would like to submit an article of work, please submit a pitch or finished article. All submissions must be professionally presented, written eloquently and respectful. We must maintain a certain caliber of DIASPORA-approve quality. No articles with racism, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia or any type of hate speech will be accepted. If you choose to remain anonymous, please include a pen name.
  2. Email completed drafts to thisisdiaspora@gmail.com with “DIASPORA BULLETIN” in the subject line.
  3. Feel free to write what you want about your project. This is your time to give shine to your work. However, all submitted material is subject to editorial oversight for clarity.

DIASPORA editors will be in touch with you if they decide to publish your article. For events, we ask that you give us two weeks lead time for inclusion. Creators from historically marginalized communities are encouraged to submit their projects and events. Incomplete submissions will not be considered.